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New Earth Integration offers organized information to help integrate neuroplasticity and natural healing techniques proven by modern science and ancient master medicine wisdom. We bring together powerful healing practices. We help protect and serve Earth's natural medicine as and the techniques to heal as a collective consciousness.
retreats are designed as an introduction experience to the integration of subconscious emotional processing with natural master plant medicine scaling in intensity by nature and dosage.
We curate a safe space for you to dive deep into self realization, layer by layer. Learn the depths of your potential to create a beautiful authentic life and identify blocks/gaps in your programming keeping you in a misaligned and heavy vibration. We believe in empowering every human to become a Self Healer. 



Sean Despain is a Full Spectrum energy healer, Reiki master, meditation guide, shaman, and Master Plant Medicine Healer. He has spent 11 years practicing arts of meditation and healing arts. Sean works with the awareness of how information moves through the nervous system to help in the healing process through subtle energies and spiritual guides.

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