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Integrate New,
Healthy Habits

Intentionally designed with several features including physical workouts, meditation practices, energy healing tools, and tools for healing one's subconscious trauma. Users can customize their routines to suit their needs, schedule, and level of experience.

The New Earth Integration app is a comprehensive tool designed to prepare individuals for participating in sacred plant medicine ceremonies. The app is tailored to help prepare the mind, body, and spirit for the powerful healing and transformative experiences that are associated with these ceremonies.

The physical workout section of the app provides users with a range of exercises that are aimed at increasing strength, flexibility, and balance. These workouts help users to prepare their bodies for the physical demands of the ceremony, and they also help to release physical tension and stress.

The meditation section of the app provides users with guided meditations that are designed to help them relax and focus their mind. The meditations are aimed at promoting a state of calmness and inner peace, which is beneficial for individuals who are seeking to connect with their inner selves and prepare for a transformative experience.

The energy healing section of the app provides users with tools for balancing their energy centers or chakras. These tools are aimed at promoting the flow of energy throughout the body, which is essential for the optimal functioning of the mind, body, and spirit.

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