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Alchemy of Stars

Our services are designed for individuals who are ready to embrace their sovereignty, release what no longer serves them, and embark on a transformative journey. We cater to those who are imaginative, action-takers, and actively seeking personal and spiritual growth. If you feel called to let go of stagnancy, connect with your inner child, and experience the freedom you desire, our offerings are here to support you.

Welcome to the realm of profound spiritual connection and enlightenment! I am Alionna, a dedicated practitioner, explorer, and guide on the path of spiritual awakening. With a profound understanding of the Akashic Records, the ability to channel divine messages, and the mastery of various energy healing modalities, I invite you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing.


We understand that navigating emotions and challenges can sometimes be overwhelming. Our aim is to provide guidance and tools for moving through these experiences with greater understanding and ease. If you find yourself feeling stuck, or lacking freedom, we offer support to help you transcend these obstacles and step into a more expansive and vibrant way of being.

These services are designed to address a range of issues and facilitate personal transformation. By clearing dense energy and patterns, individuals will gain a deeper understanding of themselves, develop self-trust, and cultivate trust in the universe. They will feel uplifted, encouraged, and empowered to create new directions in their lives. Our offerings also facilitate letting go of what's holding them back, enabling them to embrace a more centered and whole existence.


Our ultimate goal is to support our clients in opening their divine life path and stepping into their power. We want to guide them in trusting themselves and the universe, so they can speak and embody their own clarity and truth without doubt. We aim to help them create a life aligned with their highest purpose and potential, allowing their unique gifts to shine brightly.

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