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Native Drums

Amazonian Master Plants

The Master Plants in the Amazon are plants in which some induce psychoactive effects. These plants are "Teachers" because when properly administered by a tribal Master Plant Medicine Doctor (MPMD) and ingested by the participant they generate knowledge through dreams, visions, perceptions and intuitions of their ancestral healing properties.
Entheogens also serve to give us an introspective visionabout ourselves, and about life in general.
The basic procedure is given through the so-called Diet technique of millenary requirements. One must make the trek to retreat into the indigenous jungles of the sacred home of these ancestral plants.
Once you arrive you will be served by the hand of Master Qinty- Maestro de Plantas Ancestrales and Amazonian Quechua Tribal Shaman since 15 years of age.
The traditional use of the so-called diet has played a positive supporting in effectively addressing various physical illnesses, diseases and controversial viruses within the indigenous tribes of South America and other parts of the world.
Throughout time empirical work and studies has been conducted to demonstrate the efficacy of these medications in treatment diseases in which western medicine has found no solid cure. Sadly, history has shown the destruction of such vital records through greed, wars and the destruction of nature itself.
With the use of psychogenics you will recall events or past situations in need of nonjudgmental observation. This gift allows the participant to worktogether with these medicines to heal the mind, body and soul of trauma lodged within the cellular tissues identifying the true source of the disease.

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